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Since our launch in 2005, the Heart Gallery of Georgia has photographed over 3,000 foster youth.

In 2005,  adoptive mom and cancer survivor, Rene Gunn founding executive director of Gift for a Child launched the Heart Gallery of Georgia with two other adoptive parents. At the time, they were part of a collective group of individuals and organizations that read about a program from the New Mexico Department of Family and Children Services called the Heart Gallery.

After learning about this "best practice", we established our own unique gallery. The Heart Gallery of Georgia is not just an exhibit but a visual photographic story about the lives of children in foster care and those youth aging out of fostercare. The photography is donated by local photographers out of the goodness of the hearts and captures a full range of emotions and expressions from these wonderful children. They aren’t merely photographs. They’re portraits that bring out the inner beauty of the kids. Which may be why the Heart Gallery has been so successful in other states and has been featured on news and other television programs on many different networks as well as in national newspapers.

Gift for a Child is proud about our work we have done the last nine years helping children needing families.  Our organization is run by people who are unique familiar with foster care and adoption. We all share an interest in helping children without families connect with a permanent adult in their lives. We are thankful for the photographers that helped us photograph over 3,000 children over the last several years.