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Our Programs

Photos that tell stories are powerful connectors for the 500,000 children in foster care. 9,300 children are right here in Georgia.

We’ve created programs using photos and stories to tell people about the needs of abandoned, at risk and homeless youth. Picture the joy in a child’s eyes after they’ve been adopted or lovingly cared for when they’ve experienced the loss of birth parents. The look that says “someone cares about me”. For newly adopted children and their parents, it’s a whole new life.

Many children in foster care go for years without having a professionally produced photograph of themselves or their siblings. Our photographers take pictures of youth to create a memory of time with a sibling they are separated from or to provide the child with photos that they can share with others.

Picture Adoption  Program

The celebration of adoption is very important to our organization. We know that there are many children waiting to get adopted, but sometimes only a few connect with their forever family. Our CEO is an adoptive mom and remembers the special day her child became part of her family. Because of her experience, we’ve placed a focus on creating that special memory and story for adoptive parents through the gift of photography through our Heart Gallery Program.

Heart Gallery Program

The Heart Gallery Georgia is a program created in partnership with the state of Georgia to help build family connections, create special memories and tell stories about the needs of children in foster care. Through the use of photographs and essays about a child’s life, we advocate, teach, and find caring adults for foster youth.

Life Books Program

We create life books for children in care – another way we are using pictures and the written word to create a memory for children in care. If you are creative and would like to help build a memory book about a child's life story,

Help Portrait Kids

Throughout the year, we work closely with social service agencies to photograph children in foster care. It may be during a picnic or during a child’s special event. When a social worker calls us to be somewhere with our camera, we are there.

Picture Charity

We’re looking for artistic types like photographers, artists, writers, scrap bookers and others to donate their talents to help us tell the story about children in foster care and those that have transitioned out of foster care. If you are a photographer, videographer or writer, please consider donating your time and experience for youth in care.

Give us the gift of your time. We have artistic programs called Picture Adoption, Picture Charity, Picture Day and the Heart Gallery Southeast that we’d love to speak with you about.